Babai Valley

The Babai valley extending from Parewa Odar to Chepang Bridge was included In the park in 1984. The pristine valley is characterized by rich biodiversity. The major vegetation and forest types are wooded grasslands and the riverine forest. The translocated rhinoceros from Chitwan were reintroduced in this valley. The luxurious forests in the east of the park also provide a good habitat and corridor for several wildlife species. The Karnali river is home to the endangered gharial crocodile and marsh mugger. The blue waters also provide habitat for the endangered Gangetic dolphin. Large mahasher, a game fish, is considered an excellent catch. The fast flowing water also provides excellent rafting expeditions. Riverine forests along with the shores of the river create the prime habitat for birds such as herons, egrets, black-necked stork, and little pratincole. The Tharu ethnic community is native to this area. Traditionally they are subsistence farmers and practice their own tribal religious. Handicrafts made by the community members could be bought as souvenirs.